Westfield AeroRace

180 CV / 450 kg.
Rewarding, fast and simple, just like in the 60’s. Feel each reaction inside the cockpit and enjoy fun and new sensations, controlled by you.

Crazy Cart XL

These incredibly addictive carts allow you to feel the most fun sliding driving.
This driving improves your coordination and skills between steering wheel and accelerator.


Just like F1 pilots, come train and test your reflexes. /br> With Batak we activate both physical and mental coordination. We also improve our peripheral view and our resistance.


The Royal Experience Company is the new driving experience in the Jarama Circuit. It is an authentic tribute to the 60´s where you can break your common driving limits, driving and sliding with our Westfield Aero Race. These 180 horsepower and 450kgs cars, keep intact the essence of vintage. There are no electronic controls, just pure sensations behind the wheel. Break with the everyday street driving and live an experience filled with challenges, adrenaline and emotion.

Within a 6,000 m2 circuit, you can enjoy 3 different activities. In each of these you will have the opportunity of obtaining the best possible record.

Regardless of the pack you choose, you will have a monitor with you at all times. He will explain everything you need to know about how the activities work and the development of these in order for you to get the maximum out of them.

Inside the vintage atmosphere, we wanted to incorporate a touch of the present by incorporating elements of the latest technology to improve your driving while having fun.

The Batak, and the Crazy Carts XL are the perfect balance for training coordination and precision, both necessary for driving the Westfield AeroRace. The Batak is the machine F1 pilots use to train reflexes and the Crazy Carts XL are mini electric carts where you exercise sliding behind the wheel.

If you like challenges let the timer be witness of your abilities and evolution.

All the previously mentioned is accompanied by the Royal Bus, chill out comfort zone. It is an authentic and original 1968 English “double decker” where having a snack or drink is quite a strength gaining experience.



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