Hospitality and comfort

We wish to offer our clients a differentiating point regarding hospitality and comfort. For this we provide an original 1968 double decker bus which ran through the loud London streets 50 years ago.

Today, it is the starting point for all the different activities that make up our experience.

To walk in the Royal Bus is to travel back in time, but just for a few seconds.  We have completely remodeled it in order to offer a space packed with elegance and style.

The lower part of the bus is the operations area. This is the check-in and register area. The helmets are lined up impatiently waiting to be delivered to those who will experiment adrenaline in pure form.

A Space Filled with Possibilities

The upper deck is a fantastic area crammed with possibilities. Thanks to a clever pneumatic system, the roof elevates almost half a meter and the sides of the bus rise like wings creating a feeling of really spacious. It is the ideal place to enjoy the best views while savoring delicious snacks.

The comfort zone continues in the exterior of the Royal Bus with a gorgeous chill out terrace. It is a place where elegance, comfort and nice environment coexist.


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